Second Reflection

‘Why mobile technology makes sense in the 21st century classroom’ by Justine Isard.

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Isard is highly opinionated when it comes to the view of integrating moblie technology within the classroom and curriculum. As it turns out I agree with his point of view. Isard goes into why mobile learning is different to other technologies such as laptops and computers and he highlights the fact that moblie technology is portable. Student’s literally have so much information carried with them and ready to be accessed anywhere at the touch of a screen. Apart from that, mobile learning it is valuable since teachers are trying to ‘teach’ children to be literate. With technology such as tablets and smart phones children are actually practicing and growing in digital literacy skills. Another great thing about allowing the use of mobile technology within the classroom is that it encourages risk taking and innovation, self education and peer mentoring.

Image by Sean MacEntee and found on

So my first thought after reading the article was “Why does research suggest that mobile technology improves academic skills?” I put myself in the shoes of students and thought… Maybe when we look and feel smart we are more motivated to learn. This may sound really naive but think about it, do we not feel more motivated to learn when the resources and the environment we are in triggers creativity? Mobile technology if one of the fastest growing consumer market and over a short span of time. Is it not astounding that our children are actually able or more able than us in using these great inovations? I would argue that the ‘touch generation’ has been ‘touched’ with ideas, creativity, new tools and easy access for learning. So to the question of “why should we incorporate mobile technology in the classroom”? I say “why not?”

Here is a link which may inspire you to reconsider the use of mobile technology. It shows the creativity of a student and how the use of mobile technolgy has paid off…Literally.

This is a list of just some of the great educational applications which can be used by children through mobile technology:


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